Feeling Sick


have only worked out once this week due to feeling nauseated for three days. The flu was going around like wild fire and I don’t know how I dodged it but I didn’t barf! *knocks on wood* It wasn’t until this morning that I started feeling better, like my body had stopped trying to fight whatever was going on inside.

So my question is, how do you know when it is time to work out again? I haven’t eat much in the last two days, worked 11 hours yesterday. I want to go back to the gym tomorrow but I fear that since today is my first day to feel better it would be pushing it. But I hate that I haven’t worked out since Tuesday.

Now I pause and think about the fact that a month ago I wasn’t working out, let alone three times a week. And before when I was working out, it was only twice a week, max. I am proud to say I work out every other day and I have lost an inch off my body in three weeks.

Yeah, I will go to the gym tomorrow. And I will let everyone know what the fall-out is.