It’s Working!!

I still am not the biggest fan of working out, but I have to say that it is working! My jeans are larger, my shirts less snug and my face is smaller. It’s been two weeks and I am feeling the difference as well in the gym. I am running for longer and I am able to lift more weights. I am hoping this is a good trend for the future!

One thing I struggled with this week was my Thursday night workout. I worked from 9-6pm, didn’t actually leave the store until 6:30pm and didn’t start working out until just before 7pm. Thus I was not going to get home, to eat and spend some time for myself

until after 8pm. With that in my head, I cut my workout a bit short, I didn’t do my entire warm-up. And I did feel guilty about it, but I still did my run and all my arm workout. In essence I cut out ten minutes, which isn’t terrible, but it left me feeling conflicted. I wasn’t my usual sweaty mess, and I like being like that after a workout. It tells me I am doing what I should be. But at the same time I was going to get home after 8pm, I hadn’t had dinner and I would be going to sleep at 11pm because I was opening the next day. I am not sure what I should do in situations like that. I feel like I chose wrong from a workout stand point, but from an overall POV, considering work, it seemed like the right idea at the time.

I suppose this will be an on-going challenge for me and I hope that when I work those shifts, I can get out right at 6pm so that I am not losing my entire night.

One thought on “It’s Working!!

  1. I deal with the same issues, as far as struggling with losing my extra evening time…especially during Survivor season. I keep telling myself that I am going to start going before work..get up brush teeth and head to the gym. I have a couple of times and actually get a much better workout in well rested than after working all day. It’s just the discipline to do it is where I struggle. I am up…just need to get off of this time suck machine that I love. ❤

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