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Staples is joining with other companies in a challenge to see which one can lose the largest amount in percentage in body weight. It is hosted by a company called Tri-Fit. Staples itself is going to give the top three employees who lose the most weight in the next ten weeks a prize. I don’t know what this prize is, and I don’t care. I want to kill this thing! It’s going to run for ten weeks, starting next week. I have told Jacquie and we are going to work really hard to get this thing to happen.

Today I am not as sore as I thought would be today. I did so many lunges yesterday and squats, that I thought my body would be destroyed. Instead, it’s sore but it isn’t beside itself. Could it be that my body is going with these new exercises and saying “I get what is happening”. I am still really glad I am doing this, I could never have pushed myself to do these workouts, partially because I don’t know how do to half of them! I am glad I have a person with me, watching me, making sure I am doing things to form.

Tomorrow I will be doing the leg workout and my cardio will be picked up. Soon I will be a cardio machine!

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  1. That’s good motivation to get the training in order. I have yet to start anything new for myself but putting together a plan to use the gym in the complex. Treadmills are hard to get to in the evening around here!

    Good luck and do your best!

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