Jillian Michael’s Test

I have big “Big Loser” crush on Jillian Michaels. I think she is an amazing trainer and I like the fact that she speaks from personal experience. She wasn’t always thin. She had to get to the point she is at. Hard work. Perseverance. Dedication. Plus, she is inspirational!! So after taking this mini test on her site, she has these pre-programmed things to say to people, depending on what they have clicked. Although I know it isn’t brain surgery, I think her advice is really important for people trying to lose weight:

1. Avoid dangerous situations. STOP driving by the doughnut shop on your way to work. When you go out to dinner, ask the waiter not to bring bread to your table. This important for me in the sense that I do eat out at least once a week. I find the bread advice to be smart!!

2. Get a hobby. Start taking your dog on longer walks. Fix up your attic. By focusing on positive activities, you’ll find yourself becoming more relaxed, happier, and thinner! Now if only my hobbies weren’t Empire Avenue…Tumblr…Facebook…and blogging…

3. Curb mindless eating. Don’t eat while standing up, and don’t skip meals. Brush your teeth after every meal and snack. Food never seems as appealing when you have that toothpaste taste in your mouth. I love the brushing the teeth idea!! I am going to try it and get back to you on whether it works! I can see how it would.