Party Navigation

I went to a party yesterday afternoon and I mentally knew that I wouldn’t be able to eat the best. I was coming right from work, so there wasn’t a lot of eating opportunities for me before it. I feel like I am making progress with the voice inside my head because I didn’t go to town eating. Yes I had a cupcake and a handful of chips. But I also had carrots and watermelon. And I didn’t go snack-crazy. So it was better. There is nothing a person can do really at a party because you are stuck with the food being served to you. And to be honest, I would feel resentful if I didn’t eat a small amount of the “bad” food after seeing everyone else eat it. At least I was able to reign myself in, so I consider it a mini-WIN.

And after working all weekend, tomorrow = gym day. So I am hoping to work off this food.