After a week of cracking down on what I consume and going to the gym every other day, I went on the scale and lost 3 pounds! This is great because I gained 8 pounds during my commute. I am walked a lot in my new store, which also helps. But the main place where I have been successful is consuming the right amount of calories, which I track at MyFitnessPal. Thus, I am eating under 1500 calories a day, I am working out three times a week and just consciously thinking about everything I put into my mouth before doing so.

My last workout was super. I was really feeling it, and I worked off more calories than in my previous two workouts. I had added some new music to my iPod, and thus bop along harder to the music. What did I add, you ask? (you know you did!!) Here is the list as follows:

– Fire in your New Shoes by Kaskade

– Bulletproof byLa Roux

– Dynamite by Rockstarr

Add this to my Deadmau5 tracks and you have a fierce Christine workin out 😉