Hard Times

I have hit a very hard time with this weight loss project, I have a new job and my training is in Toronto. I live 45 minutes away with no traffic. Sadly I have an elderly car that would break down if I tried to make the trip everyday, plus the traffic in Toronto is horrendous, so to drive in rush hour isn’t even something I can imagine doing. Which leaves public transportation. Now thankfully a lot of people do public transit to work in Toronto so I take the GO Train in and then the TTC (subway) up to my store in North York. This travel time is 2 hours, one way. And my shifts are 9 hours long. Wait, wait…this math means that my days are at minimum 13 hours when I work! If I work at 7am I have to be on the 5:15am train! And I don’t get home till after 6pm! OR if I work 12-9pm I am not getting home until midnight because I can’t leave exactly at 9 (unless Dan is awesome and lets me go, which he has for the past two night. THANK YOU).

What I am trying to illustrate is that on the days I work I am sitting for 4 hours and then so tired from being on the go for 13 hours that I am too tired to workout. Further, because I am not used to this I am drinking more coffee and I know I am not always choosing the best. So I am not losing weight. Heck I feel like I am gaining weight. So I weighed myself yesterday and I was up ~2 pounds so it’s not terrible but I still have three more weeks to go. What am I going to do? I feel all the work I was doing at the gym slowly fading. I dislike this a LOT. I am getting frustrated.