Food Planning “Help”

So I went to my nutritionist about the fact that until the beginning of September my ability to work out is severely hampered by my commute to work (2 hours each way). So I am told that an eating plan can be drawn up to help me keep the weight I have lost off. What is not done is asking what I do and don’t like to eat. So this plan is chock full of things I have tried to eat but DETEST like yogurt and certain fish. Further there are breakfasts with eggs and oatmeal, stuff I cannot make due to the fact I am on the train sometimes at 5am. It was like looking at a plan for someone else. I was really disappointed and wondered what I was paying for. And that is my rant. I will simply have to navigate on my own, unfortunately.

Now I am exhausted and am going to bed cause I have to be up at 6am tomorrow.