I took some advice of some friends six weeks ago and have started increasing the amount I run little by little. Each day has been different but my body is getting back into shape! I am now able to run for 1.5 to 2 minutes at a time and walk for 2 minutes. This is encouraging progress and I am looking forward to seeing how far I can push it. I am starting to get addicted to working out I think. When I get there my body falls into the rhythm and it wants to run. When I start I feel a jolt of excitement and that is always my longest run. The music swirls around in my ears and my head and it’s a rush. I am excited for the different hours I am going to work in my new job because it means I will be able to work out MORE. ALSO! today I worked out with weights at the end of my cardio, on my arms. Everything else on my body is trimming down, but my arms? Not so much. So I decided to do three reps of the arm machines and see what happens.

Now on the eating front, I have been less than structured. I really need to just get back on that horse. I am not eating enough fruits and I am eating a lot more carbs than normal. If I can just mentally get through this I know I will see better results on the scale. Any advice from people? I might hit the Food Network and look for some new recipes….