My Body is Mad

I think my body got a false impression that I wouldn’t take it back to the gym. I mean I gave it good reason to, I didn’t go for about a week or more. And so it grew complacent. It let itself think “no more running, woo hoo!” so yesterday when I went to the gym it got mad!! It was like “Girl, what are you dooooing???” and then it tried to stop me. I was on the elliptical, on my usual settings, and I sweat so fiercely, and that was the beginning of the workout! Lord only knows how it was going to respond to running next!! So I cranked up my iPod and got it going. And my body finally said “I can see you are set on this, even though I thought we had an understanding” and it stopped fighting the workout. Lesson learned? Don’t go a week without exercising. It creates badness for when you DO go.

Let’s have a conversation about being tired. I have been exhausted and stressed out for the past week. MIFF stuff has been getting more and more engrossing and work hasn’t really stopped. Plus I helped run a garage sale last weekend and I celebrated my sister’s birthday. On top of all that I was having restless sleep. My sleep, what little of it I was getting, was filled with high-stress dreams. So I was waking up more tired!! I feel terrible for Robert, he got the brunt of this cataclysm occurring within me. So I had to make a rule. I have to be in bed asleep by 11pm if I open the next day, no exceptions. And if I don’t open, midnight is the latest. I always wake up between 8 and 9am without fail, so staying up late just punishes me really. And since I made that decision, my sleeps have been longer and a lot less stressed out. And I am feeling much more like myself. YAY! And now I finally feel like I can workout and not beat myself into the ground.

4 thoughts on “My Body is Mad

  1. Glad that you’re feeling better. Listen to your body; it seems to know what’s best for you.

    Me? Well, I learned quite early on that I’m allergic to three things : cat dander, unkind people, and exercise.

    Kudos Christine! You’re a better woman than I am. :]

    • What my nutriotionist told me is that once you start working out it becomes addictive. So maybe, if you did a sport or something, it might start a wave of addiction inside you. Don’t tell me you aren’t an addictive personality 😉

  2. I fight with my body for the first 15 minutes of every workout. Once I get past that point nothing can stop me. I seriously need to put myself on a sleep regimen. It’s proven that a getting a consistent 8 hours of sleep will help with weight loss. Keep it up! I think we are both doing great. Taking it off slowly is more likely to stay off…that’s what I keep telling myself. 🙂

    • My body fights me until I get on the treadmill. Then it’s like “ok, I can do this”. But blast that elliptical likes to fight with me! lol

      And yay to me and sleep. I have to make it a priority!

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