Don’t Eat Curry!!

LOL I got weigh today and the aftermath of ice cream cake and curry from the weekend had a negative effect on my weigh-in. Apparently curry has a lot of sodium. So unless you are drinking a ton of water with the curry, choose something else. Or don’t eat curry a LOT.

I honestly thought I would stay the same at my weigh in today cause I swam for hours on the weekend and I really did try to control what went in my mouth. Alas, not the case! I only gained 1.5 pounds, but it is still disconcerting.

Now onto to other news, had my second doctor’s appointment today. My blood work came back clean! I am good there!! My cholestoral is fine and there are no annomolies. My doctor was acutally shocked at how clean my blood is. Mua ha ha!

I am going to try and not let the weigh in bother me and just keep going. And maybe go to the gym 😉