Food Journals

I am going to write a bit about a technique that works, mostly. When I first started working with Nicki (and even earlier, when I was in my 20’s and going to Weight Watcher’s) I was told I had to keep a food journal. I had to write down everything I put into my mouth. And I get what they were trying to do–make me realize the total crap I was putting into my body. Now here’s a confession and why this method doesn’t really work for me. I am a master at telling certain people what they want to know and eliminating anything else. So when I have chocolate at work I do not write it down. I know, I know but honestly? I crave chocolate a lot and I hate the looks I get when I do eat it and write it down. But I do have a system of recording it so I know what I have eaten–I will draw tiiiiiny circles at the bottom of my journal to record the amount of calories taken in by the chocolate bar. That way I am still mentally knowing what I am doing and not getting grief every time I consume something.

Now, on the flip side, I find the journal to be a big help. When I hit my first plateau at almost 30 pounds lost, I went to my journal to see what I was doing that might be creating this situation. From there I noticed I wasn’t eating enough fruits, I didn’t have a real food variety and that I needed to cut down on the chocolate. So I did. And I increased my exercising. And lo and behold, I dropped three pounds after a week of making tweaks. So thank you food journal! You helped me a lot.

Inevitably I know I am going to have to start actually measuring the food I eat and lowering my portions. But can that come after I lose another 20 pounds?? Please? I am kind of dreading that day to be honest…