Ladies and gentlemen!! My body has decided to lose weight again! LOL In my last post my I mentioned how in the last 2 months I had lost ~4 pounds and it was kind of concerning me. Well today my body was all “girl, I am going to shed some, how does three pounds sound to you?” and I was like “body, that’s cool with me!!” So I am down three pounds since last weekend!! Woo hoo!!!!! Finally!!!!

And no I didn’t do anything differently. I worked out twice. I kept eating 2 fruits, 3 proteins, 2 veggies a day. But I will confess I truly cut out the extra sugar I was eating and “forgetting” my debit card at home so I couldn’t buy any chocolate at work. This WILL become a trend, cause it works.

Now I am off to the grocery store, I am going to buy some products readers and will write about them this week. Woot!