Random Attention

I went to the gym this morning, worked out and as I am making my way to my locker this older lady says to me “You worked out hard, your face is nice and red.” in which I reply “Yes I am out of shape, so it doesn’t take much.” and then we started talking. Super nice older lady 🙂 She proceeds to tell me to keep up the good work because she has noticed me working out and that I am getting tighter and it’s making an impact on me. Yay!! She definitely didn’t need to encourage me at all, so the positive reinforcement from a total stranger was very much appreciated today!

When I got home, I was wearing a shirt that fit me thirty pounds ago and my mom looked at me and said that my boobs were much much smaller (I am sure Robert is getting sad at this point, as I have already lost 5 inches there since January). I can see it in my stomach, arms and chest. I don’t really pay attention to my thighs or calves, but they don’t seem much smaller. But what do I know? I think it might be time to remeasure myself.

Today I made for dinner a delicious garlic shrimp to go on a salad. I am excited because this shrimp purchase was a fabulous idea and it makes me want to eat. Yay! Now to combat my love for all things chocolate I am leaving my debit card at home so there is absolutely no way I can buy chocolate tonight.