The Gym

Back in the day, when I first started eating better, the gym and I were enemies. I didn’t like going, didn’t like feeling sweaty and frankly she made me feel out of shape. But, begrudgingly I started going a month or so into eating better. And I went whenever I could but I didn’t want to become “intense” about it. I felt it was too much pressure and when I get spooked I just go back to eating like poop.

But lately the gym and I are becoming friends. I am getting into better shape, I am able to run for longer periods of time and I LIKE feeling my body getting into shape. I remember this feeling when I played soccer. Yes, I am a sweaty gross thing after it but it’s worth it. I especially like the way my body is changing. I can see my jaw line now, prominently!!! I am getting curves back!! My arms aren’t the size of a small girl’s thigh!

But I know what this means. Soon I am going to have to figure out the whole using weights thing and start making my workouts be more than cardio, but also about toning. I fear that day. That will be mean hours at the gym and frankly I like my free time. So be prepared for that day, it will come with bitching.

2 thoughts on “The Gym

  1. It’s funny how we can change our mind about things. I used to dread the gym. I still went on and off but rarely got results. Now, I am hooked. I love going and leaving feeling that I have accomplished something. Once I conquered the Elliptical, I can’t pry myself off of it. I know that I should be strength training at least once a week but I feel that I have so much more fat to lose that I can’t give up a minute of cardio yet.
    Did I mention that I am now in love with the Elliptical? I gave up the treadmill and only use this wonderful machine. I still do interval training but it is much easier on the knees and ankles and I can go much farther because of the lower impact….burns more calories too! I burn around 650 calories in a 45 minute span. you can’t beat that.
    Let’s keep it up chica…WE CAN Deeeew IT!!

  2. See you fell in love with the elliptical, I am falling for the treadmill. I am now running for longer periods of time (a minute and 15 seconds now) and doing it for fifteen minutes instead of ten. So I am building up endurance!! But I am glad we have found something that works for us.

    I also haven’t upped my cardio time yet, I still do half an hour. I am still resisting doing it for longer. Honestly? I just want to read all my books!! LOL

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