It has been an awkward May. I am glad it is over. I basically stayed the same all month (ok I lost about 4 pounds) and yo-yo’d up and down all month. I came back from Houston and really had a food meltdown. And I think it started a bit before the trip but eating all that rich, amazing food–even if a lot of the time I was choosing foods with veggies. When I got home I looked at the food I was eating and I didn’t feel engaged. I didn’t want it. So instead I stopped eating!! Oh yeah, smart. I realized what was happening as it was going down and initially I tried a few new recipes. Two new chicken dishes, which were very good!! But I now was in this mini-spiral so I was more easily able to justify not warming it up, finding ways to be too busy. And so my eating was still hit and miss. This week I said “screw this!!!” and went out and bought chicken and salad ingredients. So for the past two shifts I have actually eaten because there was NO excuse. I am not tired of salad (I love it) and I can have it instantly. I am hoping that this gets me back on track for losing weight again.

As for new things I have been trying, I am now getting my skinny vanilla latte from Starbuck’s iced for the summer. I get it half ice, and therefore get more drink. It’s so good 🙂 It keeps me going!