PC Blue Menu Veggie Burgers

Two nights ago I humoured my mother when I said yes to eating veggie burgers. I am not going to lie when I read the ingredients I felt very nervous for the taste that going to be in my mouth. It was made up of basmati rice, a medley of 9 vegetables and lima beans. So we fried them up, I put some cheese on mine for more flavour and we dug in. Now these obviously do not taste like real burgers at all, but it does have a nice taste to them (shocking!!) and the after taste is what made me really like them. There was something in the spices that made me go YUM! Would I have them again? Yes!!

The good? They taste good. Honestly. I am a freaking picky eater here. They are only 160 calories for a patty and have 4 grams of fibre and only 29 grams of carbs. It’s no-brainer for a protein to eat at dinner.

The bad? It doesn’t taste anything like a burger. If you want something lower in calories to taste exactly like a burger but be vegetarian you might want to look elsewhere. I might try Lick’s to see what they do about this.