My Body’s Back!

I know this may seem weird but I have been feeling like my body and mind have been working against me. And yes, I have started new birth control pills, so that really had an effect last week. But I felt, in general, that internally I was being fought. I would go through the motions of eating well but I wasn’t felling engaged in the process. Plus, I really enjoyed my days when I got to celebrate Allison’s birthday and eat lasagna, ice cream cake (plus I had about ten drinks). As well due to life issues, like moving and feeling sick, I hadn’t been to Nicki’s (my nutritionist) for ten days. So by this morning I felt very off-track and was terrified for my weigh-in. I even had a dream last night that I had gained 5 pounds! Thankfully I weighed in at exactly the same weight as ten days ago. Honestly? WOOT!!!!!!

Now why is my body back? Because I can feel it today working with me. It isn’t craving chocolate, it isn’t feeling sick or tired, and as strange as it sounds it seems to be releasing all the things I have put into it in the past ten days. And so I am feeling optimistic for my next weigh-in and for the next few days in general. Tomorrow I plan on going to the gym and getting back there and maybe tonight a walk…who knows!

But I have challenges coming up like: 1. Jason’s birthday party Saturday 2. Going to Houston to see <3Robert<3–travelling on a plane and eating out 90% of the time is NOT going to be good for me. But I talked to my nutritionist about it today and I have a food game-plan *grin*

Now I am going to be posting again soon cause I had grapefruit and veggie burgers last night!