Boot Camp Session

Today I took Allison up on an offer to try out a boot camp session, run at the YMCA. She said it wasn’t going to be as difficult as a regular session, so I aid yes. And I went in still nervous, cause what people in shape think isn’t hard usually means to the over weight, out of shape crowd = torture. And I wasn’t proven too wrong on my assumption. I got my ass kicked. I was getting red and out of breath by the end of the warm up. And that simply marching in place and then doing small lunges. Then we moved onto legs, on the floor, raising them (painful). Then the arms, and I did push-ups against the wall. Not AS bad. Even though my arms are large they are strangely strong. THEN! OH THEN. We put our backs to the wall and squatted for a full minute. And 45 seconds into it we had to squat down lower. I might have cried out in pain a little. And then we moved onto cardio. And have I mentioned that I feel rather dead by this point? So the instructor lays out 2 ladders on the floor made of ribbon and had us doublestep through it as fast as we could on each one, then do jumping jacks, the hopping like a bunny, then some lunge thing. It was a total workout for me. I ws a gross mess by the end. Then we did more leg lifts and some ab stuff and then the hour was up! All in all I survived but I am not used to working my body out in that fashion. But I walked away with some good exercises, like doing the push ups against the wall. The further out your body is from the wall, the better a workout you get. But I forsee lots of pain in the next 24 hours and I will be sure to whine about it *grin*