Showering = Terror

I was at the gym this morning and working out. I brought my shower stuff because I feel gross going into my day’s clothing sweaty from the workout. It’s just icky! So! Goodlife’s hot water was turned off. Terrible. TERRIBLE. You are hot from working out and then all this cold water is on you?? Not a good reaction!!!!! And then my soap wouldn’t was off my body so I had to go home and have ANOTHER shower. *sigh*

On another note, the running today was a larger struggle than on Tuesday. Boo!! Body, don’t you know you are supposed to be making this easier on me?? At least the elliptical was better and I wasn’t staring at the clock for the initial 10 minutes. And I upped the resistence level on the stationary bike. So, at the end, I was still a sweaty, gross mess.

Food has been pretty good this week, I am not feeling overly snacky, I am not attacking the chocolate 🙂 I still need to eat more fruit, that’s been slacking. And I bought all these strawberries and they went bad so fast!! Darn you 2 for $5 sale–the berries are overly ripe and now they go bad unless I eat them all RIGHT NOW. Well screw you! lol

That’s my fun news. I hope to get to the gym Sunday, as it’s my day off. That will be three times this week, which is one of my goals.

One thought on “Showering = Terror

  1. OMG! I had the same deal with the strawberries last week. I had to throw them out and I was super POed!! On the gym note…keep it up. You are doing so great. I have mainly been doing the treadmill but instead of running, I switch up between 12 incline down to 3 incline in intervals at a speed of 3.8 which is almost jogging for my short legs. lol

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