Easter = Devil Mini Eggs and Cupcakes

I am kind of tired of the emotional reaction I have to eating anything that isn’t on my program. I want to stop feeling guilty and mad at myself. I always try to tell myself that it’s ok but deep down I feel ashamed, guilty and frustrated that I could let myself do that. And this creates a poor relationship with myself and with food. And I don’t know how to stop it either. How do I eat a bag of mini eggs and not feel guilty? It’s not like I have sat down and binged out. It’s a single bag of freaking mini eggs!

I went to the gym today and I set up my workout differently–I started off on the elliptical for 10 minutes then went to the treadmill. On ye olde treadmill I walked a minute, then ran thirty seconds, walked 2 minutes ran a minute until the ten minutes was up. And last time I felt like I was going to die at thirty seconds, this time that feeling came at fifty seconds, so marked improvement!! Although at the third run I was so tired I was unsure if I was going to do it. But then I did it and I was fine 🙂 Then, for the last ten minutes I was on the bike. Which was a great way to cool down after running.

Tomorrow I get weighed and I am very nervous after eating a cupcake and mini eggs on Sunday. I tried to balance it out with ridiculous amounts of water and working out today. We shall seeeeeeee!

Upcoming–my mom wants to make me trout. I am scared. I have never been the biggest fish person and anything that is too fishy tasting totally turns me OFF. But she feels the same way and loved this one recipe. I will let you faithful readers know once I have it what I really think of it! Will my preconceived notions get the better of me and not allow me to enjoy the experience? Only time will tell.