Forgive me For I Have Sinned

I had a week of weeks! I made coloured icing and ate some (it turned my poo a nice aquamarine shade for 2 days) as well as having ice cream and strawberries at Dimitrie’s. Now I did attempt to find the healthiest thing at Dimitrie’s, and that doesn’t exist. At all. Now the ice cream was delicious and I loved every second of it. Plus it was part of my “I haven’t had it in forever, let’s see what happens” tests I do every little bit. Well didn’t I get punished!! Sunday morning I woke up to a wave of nausea and I didn’t eat until 2pm. It was horrendous. So lesson learned: only consume a mild amount of sugar or else my body will turn against me.

Yesterday I went back to the gym! And I went without an MP3 player because mine is still missing. I worked out for 40 minutes and even ran for a full minute. Thanks to Stacey, that is. I was honestly complacent enough not to run but I did it and now I know I won’t die. So tomorrow I am going back and I am going to see what happens when I run more.

I bought an iShuffle today people! She’s tiny, she’s blue and I have named her Tara. Right now she is charging and has my full list of work-out songs on her. I will let you know how she turns out.

On a final note, I lost another 1.6 pounds today! I am down 23.6 pounds and feel like I am going strong! I also got measured and am down 22 inches over my whole body. My boobs are down especially–5 inches! Jesus!! My arms and thighs are the areas that lost the least, so it might also be time to introduce to them weights. Oh the tears that will ensure from that!

2 thoughts on “Forgive me For I Have Sinned

  1. Hey boosh! Congrats on your weight loss!!!! You have lost about 14% of your body weight so far! That is INCREDIBLE!

    Let me know when you are heading to the gym so we can interval train together 🙂 I was thinking Friday, but tomorrow may work too! And I’m very proud of you for running my last interval with me. Once you discover that running won’t kill you, it becomes a choice instead of an absolute “I can’t”. So let’s do this!

  2. Friday I open, so that night is good. Or Sat day. Tomorrow I close and you work so that won’t mesh.

    And I need to go to the gym tomorrow after tonight’s news. 😦

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