Let’s have a frank discussion of my constant hunger. I write about it a lot. Lately I have forgotten to take it recently and I decided to find out what exactly chromium does to help me with my intake of sweets.

According to one weight loss website chromium “is generally used when you want a head-start to loose your weight and drastically regain a good body. Or in the case when you have reached a flat period where your weight is not reducing further even after a hard regime or work outs.” So why was I starting it right away? Apparently chromium doesn’t suppress my diet, it just improves the efficiency of the insulin in my body. When insulin is more efficient the sugar in my body is consumed better, meaning I get more energy and it curbs my appetite for sweet/carby things.

So all I need to do is remember to take it every day 😛

Tomorrow: I am going back to the gym! Now where did I put my iPod….