Week of Fun

Robert was out this week and I totally loved having him around!! I cooked some of the foods I normally eat and he liked them = WIN. I made the turkey shepherds pie and skim milk mozzarella stuffed chicken w salad dressing to add flavour. He loved BOTH! PLUS!! He made friends with broccoli!! He said that because it doesn’t have taste he can accept it as a veggie in his diet. Holla! I appreciate it so much when he takes the time to try food for me and gives it a chance. This means there are more foods we can eat together and I don’t have to sit there watching him eat something that isn’t good for me.

As for stuff that isn’t good for me, it was a tough week. Normally I am single-girl, making food just for myself, buying things that will not tempt me. My house is a chip/chocolate-free zone. Robert enjoys both chips, crackers, nuts and chocolate. All which I love too but cannot eat excessively. Thus, when Robert was eating the items in front of me I had some. I had ice cream, chips and nuts. But I ate his. It was not my own portion, it was me nibbling on his stuff. I tried so hard not to go insane on the items, because I have such a tendency to do so. And I think I was mostly successful (I might have gone a little crazy over the ice cream, but it was SO good!). I was successful enough to still lose weight this week, even though my “special time” just started. Some triumphs: I recognized what was going on and asked Robert not to buy popcorn at the theatre. I was SO VERY HUNGRY yesterday and I did not eat anything beyond what my nutritionist has specified. I ate a banana; I cooked up an egg; I drank SO much water. I did not eat anything sweet and I did not exceed on any of my food categories.

Today is going to be a little rough at my parents house, but Robert and I bought smart foods, so hopefully I can keep the snacking to a minimum. I will bring some applesauce with me and go from there 🙂

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