Proof is in the Picture (or is it pudding?)

Well, my lovelies, I have had a week of interesting things. I had ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery but I am still on program beyond that. And I am walking almost every day thanks to doing this with Robert. We aren’t being lazy in the slightest. I am still getting all my water too! But I am having a bit more of things I don’t normally eat: ice cream, chips, rich pasta. Now I must preface that I am not ordering this for myself and some of it is my idea but I am eating it off of Robert’s place. And I think it’s important because Robert isn’t going to be able to eat the foods I am so I need to find the ability to balance things. It’s not fair for me to live a life where someone eats certain foods in front of me and not have me eat it. I will fall off track fast. I just need to find balance. And not leave left overs, I eat them. Like a moth to a flame. So I hope I don’t gain weight this week, but I am definitely not eating the way I would if it were just me.

Now onto the good stuff, here are 2 pictures of me. One before January and on this week. The transformation is startling!

3 thoughts on “Proof is in the Picture (or is it pudding?)

  1. YES! This is what I was saying on the phone today! You can soooo see a difference in your face in these photographs! It blew me away, especially because I see you so frequently it’s hard to take a step back and notice all of the subtle changes. This is definitely noticeable! So take a moment to feel the accomplishment because you so deserve it 🙂

  2. Hey who is that handsome guy in the picture. NO, not the one in the red shirt, the one that sparkles over your shoulder. BAHAHAHAHHA. Just kidding. Looking great Xine! You rock!

  3. Thanks Katie! I think it’s even more pronounced now as I have started working out at the gym. I will have more results tomorrow.

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