I am officially officially down 20 pounds!!!! I lost another pound between Wednesday and Saturday. Yay!!! I am so happppyyyyyy.

But with that is another struggle that I go through at this time. And I don’t know why it happens. I stop making smart choices, I start eating crap again. I just need to be aware that this is happening. It’s like I hit a milestone and something inside me says, “you did what you wanted, now let’s forget all this craziness and go back to the way we were”. My will power is weaker. I am hoping by recognizing this pattern I can break it. I just need to pack every meal, plan every eating moment and not allow the binging back in. I can feel it again, wanting to be back.

2 thoughts on “Milestone!

  1. Don’t be afraid! You will succeed! That is why you have a blog, and a support group, and Nicky, and your family, and the desire for things to be different. You will be just fine. And if you aren’t fine, then just come on over and we will make things fine! Congrats again on 20 pounds 🙂 You are my hero!

  2. That is awesome!!!! Congrats!!!! And I totally understand what you are going through. I am starting into bad habits too now that I reached my first goal. I sat down tonight and thought out why I am doing this. I came to this conclusion. First is that I reached my goal so I felt I should get a treat. Second school is stressing me out which drives me to eat. At least knowing these are the reasons is a help. I’m trying to move my thoughts of junk food to more water (cause I never drink enough water)

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