19 Down!

Went to get weighed today and I lost 1.4 pounds getting me to a grand total of 19!! I can’t believe I have lost much weight and am kind of proud! And let’s discuss, it’s not like I am an angel. I had a cupcake or two on the weekend. I had a glass of wine and a handful of movie popcorn. But I rallied on Monday and Tuesday and did my best so that today could go as best it could. And I did go to the gym yesterday, as you well know. So a mix of good and bad still equals weight loss.

I am planning on going to the gym tonight and doing the Body Combat class. I am still feeling wishy washy about going, but I will have time to recover tonight and tomorrow, so I could hopefully feel better by the time I got to work at 2pm. But to be clear, even though I am going I am not really into it. I don’t know how to get into it but I will do it because I am adult and I need to suck it up. As well, I see weight loss a lot more significant when I go, so that is a good incentive.

2 thoughts on “19 Down!

  1. Absolutely incredible! Next weight in will be a big one….20 lbs!!! You’ve already accomplished so much, keep up the great work booshey! Lesson learned this week for both of us – sometimes rich foods HELP weight loss! YAY!

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