Eating with my Family

Since my mom had an operation on Friday I have been basically living at my parents since then. And they have wonderful food in the house and they love to cook with is great!!! But there are pitfalls none the less (is there anywhere that pitfalls don’t occur?). Like the fact that they like to snack. Thankfully I have my routine so it wasn’t terrible. Instead of snacking on popcorn (I did have a handful to try) I had an apple and so much water you would think I had never peed in my life!

On Friday, cause I was so nervous about my mom, I didn’t eat until after 2pm. I was very stressed. I had chicken and rice for lunch and chicken and veggies for dinner. But I was still terribly snacky when I got home so I had an apple w peanut butter (ok maybe more PB than apple…). When I went to my nutritionist on Saturday I had gone up, but only by half a pound, which she says is normal considering the stress I was under and the fact that I didn’t have any fruit the day before.

Today  ventured into new territory: I baked for the first time in a loooong time. I made these amazing, from scratch cupcakes–cinnamon walnut with a brown sugar vanilla icing that compliments the flavours in the cupcakes amazingly. I was impressed with myself in the fact that I only ate one, to make sure they turned out and have not gone mad thinking about them. All of this is proooogress! I will be delivering these glorious cupcakes to my friends tonight and my grandmother tomorrow.

I hope with all this food and stuff I can still lose weight on Wednesday. I will actually be going to the gym Wednesday night, cause I finally have the day off! Oh gym, we may or may not become friends 😛

3 thoughts on “Eating with my Family

  1. YAY! Gym together on Wednesday? Body Pump? RAWR!

    Those cupcakes sound awesome, even with the nuts in them :p It it definitely progress to not have your mind obsess about sweets that are sitting in the next room. A huge round of applause for you!

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