What Should I do?

Not to be overly optimistic but I am about three pounds away from having lost 20 pounds. This is an important milestone! I need to do something to celebrate, so I need IDEAS! I just recently got a pedicure, which would have been the perfect idea. So what else is there? Maybe new clothes? New work pants? LOL yes nothing says “I lost 20 pounds!” like new black pants for work. I am way to practical for my own good.

And once I get down 20 pounds and start for the 30, I will getting near the weight I was when I stopped with Nicki two years ago. And soon I will be zipping PAST it. I am so EXCITED for this journey. I can’t wait to be in size smaller everything! And one of these days I will  get to the gym! And it will help! LOL

One thought on “What Should I do?

  1. I say new clothes is a GREAT way to celebrate weight loss! But don’t buy too may because you will be shrinking out of them! New work pants is a great treat to feel sexy and professional at your new weight! Especially if you didn’t feel those things in your old pants.

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