I lost MORE!

Wow!! I went to Nicki’s fully expecting to have gained weight (dude, I ate cake on Sunday!) and I lost another 1.4 pounds! I am super duper crazy excited!!!! *mad giggles*

I still haven’t gone to the gym yet tho 😦 I need to go. It’s a goal I had this week, plus it’s the healthy thing to do. And I just don’t know when I will be able to. I am meeting my mom at my grandmother’s tomorrow night after work and then Friday night my mom will be fresh from surgery and I should go there right after work. I think Friday will by only opportunity. I am off at 5pm, so I will see what happens. Keep you fingers crossed that I can fit it in!

One thought on “I lost MORE!

  1. I am SOOO proud of you! You are making great decisions and really figuring out how to balance real life and realistic food choices with health.

    I hope you get to the gym, but even if you don’t your body is really cooperating with weight loss right now. If you ever plateau, that’s really when you’ve got to get your ass in gear and get to the gym.

    PS: I wrote a response to your last post, but my computer glitched and it erased. I was too sad to re-write it (it was clever and awesome and unreplicable!). Just letting you know that I tried!

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