Last Birthday Hurrah

Yesterday was a big food day for me. Went to my sister’s, we watched the Gold Medal Hockey game (GO CANADA!!!) and then had a big birthday dinner. I did mostly well, I had a few tostitos but I mainly ate carrots and celery. But I will confess I dipped it in my sister’s amazing nacho dip. So good but not wonderful. Dinner was this amazing gnocchi that was home-made, salad and chicken. Then I had a super-duper small piece of vanilla cake with strawberries. I felt very full and sated! I am hoping I still lose weight on Wednesday but I don’t think its likely. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Now to over share, I ate some kashi cereal today in the hopes that it will work some magic and give me some good movement in my intestines. I think it was a smart move because I have had 2 poos today, which is higher than normal. And now you know WAY too much about me! LMAO!

But I plan on going to the gym tomorrow, so I am hoping that good cereal and workout will counter balance Sunday’s meal.