I Fight Back–Ninja Style!

This week came with new and interesting challenges. I was still hungry all the darn time. And you know what? I used poor judgement! Tuesday night, my birthday, I had ice cream from Turtle Jack’s and it was amazing!! And on Wednesday’s weigh-in I was up .8 pounds. But I know it wasn’t just from the ice cream. It was because I was eating a lot as I was hungry all the time (you saw the last blog post, you know!). It was culmination of things. But then I worked at night Wednesday and Thursday, brought a myriad of food and was still snacky. And being snacky in a store that sells chocolate and chips is bad.

So yes, I crumbled, I had mini eggs Wednesday night. And a Mars Slim on Thursday night. I fully admit to it! But did I fall off my eating regime and go full tilt into carbville? Not a chance! Nope I just gathered myself and plugged on.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and bought this pork roast and let me tell you, it was freaking amazing! It’s made by President’s Choice, it’s part of their Blue Menu and it’s SO good. Even Joan commented on how good it smelled. It was really nice mixing it up, as I tend to eat a lot of chicken. So this pork roast is big enough to last me a few meals, so I will be eating this sucka for the next few days and loving it!

I also bought this chicken from Prime that has been marinated in dijon mustard, garlic and lemon juice. And again, it’s disgustingly wonderful! I cooked the entire contents yesterday to be prepared for the upcoming week, which was a good thing because yesterday I hit a personal-life snafu and I had to grab a lot of my pre-cooked food and run.

So even though this week I struggled with being hungry all the time, and craving sweets (and eating them) I still lost weight! I am down another 2 pounds as of this morning and have lost a grand total of 16 pounds.

This week I plan on going to the gym!!! Holla! And I am working Mon-Fri cause my mom is having her surgery this Friday and I want to be there for her and my family. I will report back to you on whether the gym and I come face-to-face. I always have a “good reason” as to why I won’t go. I need to break that habit.

2 thoughts on “I Fight Back–Ninja Style!

  1. That Prime chicken looked and smelled AMAZING! Something else for you to try – Pork Tenderloin from M + M Meats. It’s currently on sale for $6.99!!! There are 2 flavours – Terayaki and Apple butter. I highly recommend the Apple butter. It’s low in fat, low in points, and tastes AMAZING. It’s good for 3 servings 🙂

    We are going to the gym on Wednesday so we’ll see you there! And a HUGE congrats on your total weight loss. You are inspiring!

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