Attack of the Birthday!

I am having a tough day. I am hungry! I am craving food pretty much all day. I have had 3 fruits, 2 proteins, 3 starches, 3 veggies and 8 glasses of water. And I want more!! MORE. I blame having 4 martini’s and Thai food on Friday night. I do not know if it is right but I have been struggling all weekend and it just isn’t relenting! I mean honestly!!! Body STOP. You know the freaking deal and give it up! And that is my frustration.  If anyone knows anything I can eat that will fill me and not be fatty I am listening.

I am watching 24 and it is distracting my nicely. And then I am going to have a bath and talk to my boyfriend. And possibly eat an egg or some almonds.  *sigh*

Thanks for listening 🙂