Interesting Results

This post is not for the squeemish about the realities of a woman’s body and her cycle. So this past week was my time and Wednesday it arrived exactly on time. But it didn’t really start! It took 4 days for anything to happen which is just not normal. Usually when it first arrives there is a day where it is light but then attacks. It took until last night, midnight before it did anything! And I know I have been stressed but it hasn’t been anything TOO bad. So the only difference I can see between last month and this month is my change in diet. I just can’t get over how much a change it made to my in one month.  And with my mom having ovarian cancer, this is one thing that I didn’t need changing. It really makes me worry about my health and I don’t need that. Sometimes I wish my body would write me a letter when it decides to change things. It only seems fair. Sample:

“Dear Christine, you have cut out half the calories you were eating before. Therefore your cycle will start slower and be much lighter. Please donno worry about having cancer or about being preggers, neither is happening right now. Yours, your body.

See body?? That’s how it’s done. 😉

One thought on “Interesting Results

  1. I didn’t know you were worried about cancer! It’s totally normal for your body to react to things, and you’ve given it a lot to ponder. Your body probably wanted a letter too! Something like:

    “Dear body,

    I intend to not have sex for a few months, and then have TONS of crazy sex all at once over a week long period. I’m going to cut my calores in half and only give you good healthy things from now on. I will be exercising upon occasion. Also, if I accidentally slip up and eat something bad like popcorn at the movies, you may need to endure a violent reaction. Hope this is all ok with you body!

    Sincerely, Xine”

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