Fat Stores Strike!

I haven’t written due to packing and moving, then moving and unpacking. But now that I am settled I want to write about the challenges I have gone through lately.

First, I had settled into my eating regime quite well initially and then the third week was like BOOM! Hungry all the TIME!! And I started to worry, was I pregnant? I mean it’s not really POSSIBLE (this month) for that but I worried!! So I talked to a friend about it and what they said makes sense, I was reaching the end of my stored calories from before I made my eating changes. So my body was communicating with me “Christine I am hungry! Darn it give me chocolate! Why aren’t yoooouuuuu?” And I struggled! I gained a pound my next weigh-in. But once I realized why this was occurring, I felt like I was in more control and I plowed on. I ate the right things. I drank that water. And voila! I lost that pound the next weigh-in and another on top of it.

So far I have lost 14.6 pounds in 3.5 weeks. I lost another 2.6 pounds in my weigh-in today from Saturday. This is SO exciting! I can see it in my face, my pants, my work clothes. I am almost down a size.

Coming soon: I will write about planning ahead and how the heck I can stay on-top of my food journal. I am not naturally good at either.

One thought on “Fat Stores Strike!

  1. Hey, with your genes I bet you could get pregnant from Robert calling you sexy. Just saying lol.

    I am SO proud of you this week! You are looking different already, and yes, I can see it too in your face and your clothes.

    As for the journal….maybe you need to get something like I have from weight watchers? It’s such a cute little book I think that’s the only reason I even use it. Or you could use your cell phone to input your food journal entries electronically? That may be more your style 🙂

    For planning ahead, I’m a huge fan of weekend creations that last as left overs for the week. Cook a roasted chicken and then you can use the meat in tons of new ways all week long.

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