Alright, if I didn’t eat certain things I would lose my MIND and be off track. I would eat those new, amazing looking Aero Bubble chocolates my store got in 2 weeks ago. LoL Can you tell I dream about them??

Item Number One: Green Giant Essentials Vegetables. When I come home from work I want to eat NOW. These puppies cook in the microwave in 3-4 minutes and are crazy tasty! I brought them to Allison’s tonight and we both remarked on how the veggies tasted better than normal frozen ones.

Item Number Two: PC Mushroom and Provolone chicken breasts from the Blue Menu. I had my first one last night and ZOMG! It was so good!!! I love mushrooms and I love cheese, so this was a winner. As well, I can cook it in the microwave in 5 minutes, the veggies in 4 and I have dinner in 9 minutes and I have barely stepped in the door.

Item Number Three: Chapman’s Yogurt Plus Frozen Yogurt. It’s got probiotic cultures. It’s tasty as HECK. AND its got the lowest calories/fat of all the frozen yogurts out there. I have it with strawberries and apple all the time. ALL THE TIME.